Interstate DWI Information

If You Received a DWI In North Carolina and You Live in Another State

When you receive a DWI in North Carolina (no matter how long ago it was), you are required to have an assessment and treatment to satisfy North Carolina's requirements to release the hold on your ability to get a license. You will need to find a state-approved agency in your home state that provides DWI assessment and treatment. You can find them in the Yellow Pages or go to Substance Abuse Treatment Facility Locator and find a facility in your state. The agency will be required to give you a DWI assessment and recommendation for treatment (minimum is 20 hours). When you complete this treatment, North Carolina DMV requires a letter outlining the treatment. (Page 4 below)

What you need to do:

Spacer * If you are able to obtain your driving records directly from their website, get them and send them to us along with the other documents on this page. (Pages 1,2 and 3)
* If you must request your driving records by mail, have your DMV send them directly to us.

Make Check or Money Order payable to:  Insights in Recovery.

Amount of check, money order or credit card: $150.00 SpacerVisa Logo Mastercard Logo

Mail documents and payment to:

Insights in Recovery
359 W. Main Avenue, Suite F
Gastonia, NC 28052

If you have any questions or need assistance on any part of this process, please feel free to contact us.

Insights in Recovery
Fax: 704-868-8313

Page 1: DMV Driving History Release Form  - Driver Privacy Protection Act Authorization To Disclose Personal Information Form - NC DMV

We need to have a copy of your North Carolina driving history - even if this DWI is the only offense in North Carolina, it is still required.

Page 2: Client Information Sheet

This is a page in which we ask for some personal demographic information (name, address, telephone number, etc). This is needed for us to fill out the required form for the North Carolina DMV. Please fill it out completely.

Page 3: Release Form - Consent for Release of Information

This is a release of information for the North Carolina DMV.

Page 4: Interstate Facility Letter

PLEASE PRESENT THIS LETTER TO YOUR TREAMENT FACILITY.  Mail it and any documentation that your treatment facility provides, back to us.

Page 5: Credit Card Authorization Form

Print and fill out this form only if you are paying by credit card.